To give and then not feel that one has given is the very best of all ways of giving. ~Max Beerbohm

As a non profit we appreciate and value every cent

If you’d like to donate to the German-Texan Heritage Society you can either write us a check and mail it to:


P.O.Box 684171

Austin, Texas 78768


or come to the office at:

507 E. 10th Street

Austin, Texas 78701


or donate online here




$5,000 for redesigning and updating our downstairs kitchen and school room.

• Gently used appliances needed:




chairs and tables


• $3,200 for the building of more Christmas market stands (see pictures below)

hoping to build four more at $800/each (material cost only)

“Special Thanks” go out to Wing Evans for his architectural know-how and for developing and building these marvelous stands for us. Wing, you’re just plain awesome!


• $$$ for the building of disability access ramps