To give and then not feel that one has given is the very best of all ways of giving. ~Max Beerbohm

As a non profit we appreciate and value every cent

If you’d like to donate to the German-Texan Heritage Society you can also either write us a check and mail it to:


P.O.Box 684171

Austin, Texas 78768

or come to the office at:

507 E. 10th Street

Austin, Texas 78701

or donate online here

You can purchase a gift card here


Language Program:  Expansion of Language Courses; Launch of the German International Pre-K School of Austin.

$4,000 to offer  our programs in a  new city  (location, rent, teachers, marketing).

$15,000 to help offset the startup cost for the German International School of Austin.

German Free School Building and Grounds:  Maintenance and Enhancement for your and our visitors’ experience.

$15,000 to level the back lot, add stairs and retaining wall in order to make it useable for festivals and events so we can put a tent on it and make our festivals not weather dependent.

$25,000 to replace floors and fix interior of the downstairs apartment/school room(s).

$25,000 to connect the back lot to the German Free School gardens and lower levels.

$2,000 to build a new Hütte for festivals (three more will be needed in 2020)

$4,000 to purchase additional Munich beer tables and benches for an authentic and traditional atmosphere.

GTHS Operational Support: Administrative support for activities and programs

$5,000 for a new copier as the current one is at it’s end of life cycle.

$6,000 for  new  laptops  and  software  for  office  staff, as we are working on 10yr  old  desktop  computers and/or our own personal laptops.

$7,000 for the Journal to cover printing costs for a year.

It takes a lot to keep GTHS up and running.

Gently used appliances needed:

Refrigerator, oven, microwave, chairs and tables

It takes a lot to keep GTHS up and running.

“Special Thanks” go out to Wing Evans for his architectural know-how and for developing and building these marvelous stands for us. Wing, you’re just plain awesome!