San Antonio Children Classes

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10% DISCOUNT for Members!!!

Join our San Antonio Children classes, where we learn German through play and fun exercises in a loving environment. Children must be potty trained and be between 3 and 13 years of age.

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The German Saturday School of Austin in San Antonio




Vorschule engages our smallest learners (ages 3 – 5) who are potty trained. Our native German teachers playfully teach your children the beginnings of the German language through circle time, arts and crafts, simple lessons, guided play and through encouragement to talk German.




Our Kinder Beginner classes engage our less wiggly learners (ages 6 – 9) who are starting at the very beginning of learning German. The focus of this course is speaking and understanding spoken German. For children with very little or no contact with the German language (i.e. he/she cannot read, count or greet other people)




Our Kinder Intermediate classes engage our less wiggly learners (ages 6 – 12) who are starting at the very beginning of learning German and who are ready to take on reading and writing in German. For children who are still learning to read and write in their first language and with only very little or some contact with the German language (i.e. he/she can read, count and/or greet other people).


  • KINDER – ADVANCED (Fall / Spring)   –


Our Kinder Advanced classes (ages 8 – 14) are for children who can already read and write in their native language. These courses require an amount of time outside of class as homework is assigned weekly. Following the completion of Kinder – Advanced in the Fall and Spring as well as a Fit A1,3 class, interested participants who keep up with coursework and participate in class are prepared for the Fit in Deutsch A1 Goethe Institute exam for teens. The courses follow chapter 1 – 6 of Logisch! neu – A1 course book and workbook in the Fall and chapters 7 – 12 in the Spring.

Note that the texts required for the course are not included in the tuition. Please order your (2) books online.

Logisch! neu A1 Arbeitsbuch with audio download

Logisch! neu A1 Kursbuch with audio download

Your child is a beginner if:
-This is his/her first contact with the German language.
-He/she cannot read a few German words.
-He/she cannot count in German.
-He/she cannot greet other people in German.

Your child is at the intermediate level if:
-He/she can do all of the above.
-He/she can read random numbers, can tell the time of day or at least know the different time descriptions: Morgen, Mittag, Abend, etc.
-He/she can introduce themselves, and/or the family, e.g. can read some phrases.
-He/she cannot read/understand a short German text.

Your child is at the advanced level if:
-He/she can do all of the above.
-He/she can already read and comprehend a short text as well as answer short questions about the text.

Our teaching staff consists of native German speakers experienced in tutoring children and German teachers from local public schools. Lessons focus on comprehension and speaking for all age groups.

NOTE about our new sign up system: During sign up, you as our customer will share information with a third party. In this case, it goes through stripe, our online payment provider. We don’t see any of the credit card information on our end. It’s all encrypted. Some payment info is stored because some providers offer payment plans where a card needs to be charged each month on a recurring basis. In that case the cc info needs to be on file.

To sign up, you as the customer need to put in your email and name so that GTHS has that information. That then gives you access to your own account on the back end where you can check what classes you are signed up for or you can update information such as caregiver name, phone number or anything else that could be important for you to share with GTHS. Sawyer does not do anything with that information and they also don’t email any of our customers.

Registration Fee & Tuition Refund Policy 


Refunds for students who withdraw after tuition has been paid, but prior to the registration deadline of a 12-week semester and or the first day of classes, will be 90% of tuition. After the beginning of classes we will refund 70% for withdrawal during the first week of the semester/class; 50% for withdrawal during the second week of the semester/class. No refund will be made after the third week of the semester.

Late Registration Fee
A $5.oo Registration Fee will be added to the cost of a class after the registration deadline has passed.

Class Cancellation and Combination

The GTHS German Language School Program reserves the right to cancel or combine classes based on enrollment.


Families or individuals whose referral results in enrollment of a new student will receive a $20.00 credit towards next semester’s tuition if the new student completes a full semester. Such referrals must be indicated on the new student’s registration form.

Additional Notes:

  •  This is a language school, not child care.
  • Any parents who pick up their children more than 5 minutes late will be charged an additional $15 per incident.
  • A little snack and drink will be provided. Please let your teacher know about allergies or certain dietary restrictions.
  • Please plan to drop off and pick up your children on time. Parking can be found on the street or surrounding parking garages.
  • Teachers may request that students transfer to an alternative course if they feel the student’s German proficiency does not match that of the class.

As a Goethe certified testing center we are now offering Goethe curriculum classes for children and adults. Exam Dates for Goethe Institut Tests are: 02.01.2020, 03.28.2020, 05.16.2020 and 11.07.2020 right here at our downtown location on 507 E.10th Street.