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GTHS Samstagsschule Overview

GTHS Youth Courses Catalogue

The German Saturday School  has been offering quality Saturday German programming to Austin children since 1995. We currently offer Samstagsschule classes in Austin and San Antonio.

We offer the following classes:


Vorschule engages our smallest learners (ages 3 – 5) who are potty trained. Our native German teachers playfully teach your children the beginnings of the German language through circle time, arts and crafts, simple lessons, guided play and through encouragement to speak German.

Kinder – Beginner

Our Kinder Beginner classes engage our less wiggly learners (ages 6 & 7). The focus of this course is speaking and understanding spoken German. Students explore the alphabet and numbers, colors, shapes, seasons, and more. This class can be repeated as the curriculum varies between the Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters.

Kinder – Intermediate

Our Kinder Intermediate class is designed for children aged 7 – 11 who are ready to take on reading and writing in German. Students explore and interact with topics  in German  with play-based, communicative learning with little focus on grammar and without formal homework. Topics covered include numbers and spelling, colors and shapes, talking about yourself and others, talking about school materials and subjects, countries and languages, telling time, times of day and year, expressing wants and interests, talking about birthdays and other celebrations, talking about family and friends, food and more. This class can be repeated as the curriculum varies between the Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters.

Kinder – Advanced (Fall/Spring)

Our Kinder-Advanced Fall and Spring classes are equivalent to our Fit A1.1 and Fit A1.2 classes respectively, and are the first two (of 3) classes designed for homeschool, private school, or other younger students who are looking to achieve A1 German proficiency in a formal setting. These courses are conducted primarily in German, and cover chapters 1 – 12 of the Logisch! neu A1 coursebook over the course of two semesters. The content covered in the class is supplemented by a workbook, which students complete independently outside of class. Note that the language of these textbooks is German.

Students work in class to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students who participate fully in the course will be able to express obligation and wants, discuss hobbies, discuss their language ability, discuss habits and activities, talk about times of the year and day, talk about birthdays and other celebrations, discuss shopping habits and the cost of items, talk about food, clothing, and colors, among others topics.

Students who fully participate in and complete Fit A1.1, Fit A1.2, and Fit A1.3 will ideally be prepared for the “Goethe-Zertifikat A1: Fit in Deutsch 1” exam for young adults, recognized globally as proof of German language ability. Read more about the Goethe Institut and their language exams here

Please purchase the textbooks for these courses before the start of class. The textbooks for these courses can be purchased from any distributor, and typically require up to three weeks for shipping. Below are links to a suggested distributor to the workbook and course book for classes Fit A1.1, A1.2, and A1.3:

Class Policies

Tuition Refund Policy

  • Members of GTHS receive a 10% discount on all classes (please call the office (512-467-4569) or email us at for your 10% discount coupon code when registering)
  • Prior to first week of class – 90% of the tuition amount
  • Prior to the second week of class – 70%
  • Prior to the third week of class – 50%
  • No refund is available after the third week of class

Class Cancellation and Combination

The GTHS German Language School Program reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or combine classes based on enrollment.


Families or individuals whose referral results in enrollment of a new student will receive a $20.00 credit towards next semester’s tuition if the new student completes a full semester. Such referrals must be indicated on the new student’s registration form.

Additional Notes


  • This is a language school, not child care.
  • Any parents who pick up their children more than 5 minutes late will be charged $15 per incident.
  • A little snack and drink will be provided. Please let your teacher know about allergies or certain dietary restrictions.
  • Please see the schedule for the class in Sawyer and be aware of holidays and closures.
  • Please plan to drop off and pick up your children on time. Parking can be found on the street or surrounding parking garages.
  • Teachers may request that students transfer to an alternative course if they feel the student’s German proficiency does not match that of the class.


NOTE about our online sign up system: We utilize Sawyer, a third-party, for payment processing and scheduling. To register for a course, you will create an account in their system, and they share your contact information with us. From your Sawyer account you are able to see classes for which you are registered as well as update any information that we need on file (caregiver name, phone number, email, etc.).

Your credit card information is encrypted for your protection, and is therefore not available to us. However, if you wish to participate in a payment plan, we require that you keep your credit card information on file with us. Sawyer does not share your information and will not email you directly.