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Sign up for ONLINE Classes for the FALL 2019 Semester

In order to meet the demand and increase our reach, we’ve decided to hire our first online teacher. From the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, you can now learn German online with a live teacher at your fingertips.

Technology requirements for ONLINE classes  are:

  • an email account, preferably gmail for compatibility that is checked and can be shared with other classmates, hangouts ( for video conference calls), groups (for a class discussion forum), classroom (where assignments and class materials will be posted and reviewed))
  • stable and fast internet connection

During our first online class, we will meet in person at Scholz Biergarten, just to get to know each other. If you’re too far away and can’t make it, you can chime in via google. More details to follow after you sign up.

If you are a GTHS member, please call the office (512-467-4569) or email us at for your 10% discount coupon code.

As a Goethe certified testing center we are now offering Goethe curriculum classes for children and adults. Exam Dates for Goethe Institut Tests are: 02.02.2019, 03.09.2019, 05.11.2019 and 11.02.2019 at our downtown AUSTIN location on 507 E.10th Street.

Classes generally meet once per week for an hour and a half.  Courses at GTHS are aligned to the levels of proficiency, A1 – C2, as described by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).  Courses are offered during a 16-Week Fall and Spring semester.  There are two main types of courses offered, which can be taken independently or in unison:

  • GOETHE EXAM PREPARATION COURSES: (A1.1 – C2.2) German classes in a relaxed, but formal setting.  
  • 2 required textbooks
  • Considerable time requirement outside of class (at least 1 hour per week)
  • For students who are interested, these courses serve as preparation for the Goethe Language Exams, administered quarterly at the downtown Austin location. There are many benefits of getting Goethe at least B2 certified if you’re looking into a career at a German company.
  • Focus primarily on student language production (especially at the intermediate and advanced levels), and offer practice for communicating in German.
  • Center around thematic units, and incorporate real-world examples of the German language.
  • There is no required textbook, and very little homework.

A typical, beginning student with no foundational knowledge of German would enroll in A1.1 and if interested could enroll in the corresponding conversation course after the completion of the A1.1 course. Below is a diagram outlining the sequence of courses that we offer:

* note that not all courses are offered every semester

** proficiency at the level necessary for the course can be substituted for any prerequisite course with instructor approval.

Adult Courses
GTHS Course Name Exam Textbook Ch. Prerequisite
A1 – 1 – 9 N/A
Beginner Conversation
A1.2 A1 – 10 – 18 A1.1
A1.3 A1 – 19 – 24 A1.2
A2– 1 – 9 A1.3
Intermediate Conversation
A2.2 A2 – 10 – 18 A2.1
A2.3 A2 – 19 – 24 A2.2
B1– 1 – 12 A2.3
Advanced Conversation
B1.2 B1 – 13 – 24 B1.1
B2.2 B2.1
German C1.1
German C1.2 C1.1
German C2.1
German C2.2 C2.1
Not sure what level you’re at? Placement tests are available here:
Just click on “Online” then click on “weiter zum Test 1: Menschen A1” then “Test starten” in the lower right hand corner. Once you’re done, click on “Details anzeigen” and count up your correct answers — if you scored 1-25, you belong in German 1a (A1.1). If you scored 26-50 points, you belong in German 1b (A1.2).

SIGN UP ONLINE or call the office at 512-467-4569.

Registration Fee & Tuition Refund Policy 


Refunds for students who withdraw after tuition has been paid, but prior to the registration deadline of a 12-week semester and or the first day of classes, will be 90% of tuition. After the beginning of classes we will refund 70% for withdrawal during the first week of the semester/class; 50% for withdrawal during the second week of the semester/class. No refund will be made after the third week of the semester.

Late Registration Fee
A $5.oo Registration Fee will be added to the cost of a class after the registration deadline has passed.

Class Cancellation and Combination

The GTHS German Language School Program reserves the right to cancel or combine classes based on enrollment.


Families or individuals whose referral results in enrollment of a new student will receive a $20.00 credit towards next semester’s tuition if the new student completes a full semester. Such referrals must be indicated on the new student’s registration form.

NOTE about our new sign up system: During sign up, you as our customer will share information with a third party. In this case, it goes through stripe, our online payment provider. We don’t see any of the credit card information on our end. It’s all encrypted. Some payment info is stored because some providers offer payment plans where a card needs to be charged each month on a recurring basis. In that case the cc info needs to be on file.

To sign up, you as the customer need to put in your email and name so that GTHS has that information. That then gives you access to your own account on the back end where you can check what classes you are signed up for or you can update information such as caregiver name, phone number or anything else that could be important for you to share with GTHS. Sawyer does not do anything with that information and they also don’t email any of our customers.