Goethe Institut Exams

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The German Texan Heritage Society is now a certified Goethe Institut Testing Center

Since November 1st. 2017 we are an official Goethe Institut Testing Center. We have changed our curriculum, teaching towards the Goethe guidelines so that you can, if you so desire, take a test after your second semester of an A, B or C class. You can test at our location even if you’ve never taken a class with us.

Please take into consideration that registration deadline ends 6 weeks before the actual test date.

Testing dates for this year are:

March 10. 2018  (Registration deadline passed!)

May 5, 2018 (Registration deadline passed!)

November 3rd., 2018 (Registration deadline: September 22nd, 2018)


Testing dates for 2019:

February 2nd. 2019  (Registration deadline December 22nd., 2018)

March 9. 2019  (Registration deadline January 26th, 2019)

May 11. 2019  (Registration deadline March 23rd., 2019)

November 2nd. 2019  (Registration deadline September 21st., 2019)