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Refresh your German skills with our Adult German Language Classes

10% DISCOUNT for Members!!!


GTHS has been offering German language classes since 1995.  We currently offer programming for children, teens, and adults in the greater central Texas area, as well as online. Instructors are qualified, native or near-native speakers. 

Classes for children 3 – 10 are offered on Saturdays throughout the year in downtown Austin and San Antonio. See more about the GTHS Samstagsschule here

For adults and young adults, courses are offered during a 16-Week Fall and Spring semester, as well as an 8-Week / two 4-Week short semesters in the Summer. There are two main types of courses offered, which can be taken independently or in unison:

German A1.1 – C2.2German classes in a relaxed, but formal setting. Participants practice their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

  • aligned to the levels of proficiency, A1 – C2, as described by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 
  • 2 required textbooks
  • Considerable time requirement outside of class (at least 1.5 hours per week)
  • Courses also serve as preparation for the Goethe Language Exams. See more about Goethe Exams at GTHS. 

GTHS CONVERSATION COURSES (Beg, Int, and Adv) focus primarily on student language production, and offer a space to practice your spoken German. These can be repeated, as the topics covered vary by semester. 

  • No required textbook.
  • Each class centers around a thematic unit (politics, travel, Weimar Republic, food) selected as a class by participants. Classes incorporate authentic, German-language media as stimulus for discussion and analysis.
  • There is no formal homework, but it is encouraged that students review vocabulary and expressions relating to the topic for each class ahead of time.

Please see this diagram regarding the progression of courses at GTHS:

Class Name (Adults)* Class Name (Teens)* CEFR Level Prerequisite**
A1.1 Fit A1.1 A1 N/A
Beginner Conversation A1.2 Fit A1.2 A1.1
A1.3 Fit A1.3 A1.2
A2.1 Fit A2.1 A2 A1.3
Intermediate Conversation A2.2 Fit A2.2 A2.1
A2.3 Fit A2.3 A2.2
B1.1 Fit B1.1 B1 A2.3
Advanced Conversation B1.2 Fit B1.2 B1.1
B2.1 B2 B1.2
B2.2 B2.1
C1.1 C1 B2.2
C1.2 C1.1
C2.1 C2 C1.2
C2.2 C2.1

* note that not all courses are offered every semester

** proficiency at the level necessary for the course can be substituted for any prerequisite course with instructor approval.

For example, a teenaged-student with no foundational knowledge of German would enroll in “Fit A1.1”, and an Adult in “A1.1”. Adult students who would like additional practice with spoken German could enroll in the corresponding Conversation course anytime after the completion of the first course (A1.1). A student at who has completed the A1.3 class could participate fully in the Conversation course. 

Not sure what level you’re at? Placement tests are available here:


Class Registration

Click here to see all classes currently offered by GTHS. You can search classes by location and age from the “Learn German” dropdown menu. You can register online, or call the office at 512-467-4569

Members of GTHS receive a 10% discount on all classes (please call the office (512-467-4569) or email us at for your 10% discount coupon code when registering)

Gift cards for classes at GTHS can be purchased here

Tuition Refund Policy 

  • Before the class start date – 90% of the tuition amount
  • During the first week of class – 70%
  • During the second week of class – 50%
  • No refund is available after the third week of class 

Late Registration Fee

GTHS can add a $5.oo Registration Fee to the cost of a class after the registration deadline has passed.

Class Cancellation and Combination

The GTHS German Language School Program reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or combine classes based on enrollment.


Families or individuals whose referral results in enrollment of a new student will receive a $20.00 credit towards next semester’s tuition if the new student completes a full semester. Such referrals must be indicated on the new student’s registration form.

NOTE about our online sign up system: During sign up, you as our customer will share information with a third party. In this case, it goes through stripe, our online payment provider. We don’t see any of the credit card information on our end. It’s all encrypted. Some payment info is stored because some providers offer payment plans where a card needs to be charged each month on a recurring basis. In that case the cc info needs to be on file.

To sign up, you as the customer need to put in your email and name so that GTHS has that information. That then gives you access to your own account on the back end where you can check what classes you are signed up for or you can update information such as caregiver name, phone number or anything else that could be important for you to share with GTHS. Sawyer does not do anything with that information and they also don’t email any of our customers.