German-Texan Heritage Society
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Refund Policy, Referrals & Fees

Refunds for students who withdraw after tuition has been paid, but prior to the registration deadline of a 12-week semester and the first day of classes, will be 100% of tuition. After the beginning of classes, refunds will be calculated as follows: a refund of 90% for withdrawal during the first week of the semester, a refund of 75% for withdrawal during the second and third weeks of the semester, a refund of 50% for withdrawal during the fourth week of the term, and a refund of 25% for withdrawal during the fifth week of the term. No refund will be made after the fifth week of the semester.

Late Registration Fee
A $10.oo Registration Fee will be added to the cost of a class after the registration deadline has passed.

Class Cancellation and Combination
The GTHS German Language School Program reserves the right to cancel or combine classes based on enrollment.

Families or individuals whose referral results in enrollment of a new student will receive a $20.00 credit towards next semester’s tuition if the new student completes a full semester. Such referrals must be indicated on the new student’s registration form and must be approved by with GTHS office staff.

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