Maifest: May 12th at the German-Texan Heritage Society 11-6pm

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Come and join us for Maifest this year. German Music, Food, Beer and fun! Lots of kids activities too.

What is Maifest you ask?

Maifest/Mayday, May 1st., is the official celebration that marks the arrival of spring. Maifest celebrates the end of the long dark winter, and the beginning of warm weather and light. It’s roots are in the Pagan celebration of Walpurgisnacht, April 30, tossing off the darkness and cold of Winter, although now, it’s mostly a secular celebration. People of the cities and villages will decorate with ribbons and flowers. In the Rhineland, it was custom for a young man to tie colorful ribbons in the garden of a girl he fancied. During leap years, girls would do the ribbon tying. Most towns will erect a Maibau (May Pole). The dance around the Maypole symbolizes spring, and the awakening of the earth. There are bonfires to chase the darkness, and dances to celebrate. As with every German celebration, there are foods and special drinks like Maibock (strong spring beer) and Maibowle (a wine punch with Waldmeister).