Happy New Year! Ein Frohes Neues Jahr!

on December 31st, 2018 by


Do you ever wonder why Germany has so many names?

The French call it “Allemagne”, the Poles “Niemcy”, the Finns “Saksa” and the English “Germany”. Hardly any other country has as many names as does Germany. One reason for this is its geographic location in the middle of Europe. Germany borders on neighbouring countries with different languages. As a result, the respective names for Germany don’t match. -deutschland.de

We wish you all the best for 2019 and hope that you will stop by to see us or even take a class with us this year. The spring schedule is out and more attractive than ever. Come have a look at www.germantexans.org and look under the German School tab for your preferred location.

Einen guten Rutsch und ein frohes Neues Jahr wünscht Euch GTHS!