German vocational training system coming to America

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Find out about the German alternative to a college degree

One major system the German Embassy advocates is their “Skills Initiative”. This initiative promotes the German vocational training system, which combines work and education.

In the US, most youth base their future on whether or not they go to college. If they choose to go to college, they will spend a few years learning and then attempt to find a job in their field (and often outside of their field). If they do not attend college, they will likely search for a job with lower qualification requirements.

In Germany, however, youth have the option to enter into a dual vocational training system. This type of program provides them with high quality education related to their field, as well as work experience. Programs are typically three years long, composed of both classroom instruction and on-the-job training at their company. This ensures that apprentices become highly knowledgeable and educated in their field while also earning some income.

Companies take on the initial expenses of the educational training, but this pays off in the long run: their staff will be highly skilled and they will save money on recruitment costs and the cost of new-employee training. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Students seem to think so: about fifty percent of Germans enter into a vocational training program!

The German Embassy recognizes how effective this type of training is, benefiting both employers and apprentices and they strive to bring this apprenticeship model to the US. There are already some companies in the US (German and a few American companies) that apply this model, but we hope that increased awareness of this initiative would lead to greater use of this type of system.

To increase awareness about the German vocational training system, The German Embassy has created a video ad that provides a quick overview to those unfamiliar with it. This ad currently is airing on ABC7 and WUSA9.

We invite you to check it out yourself!

Click to view the video: The Skills Initiative – German Companies Creating American Jobs


Nicole GlassEditor, The Week in Germany