Bier und Bollerwagen

on September 27th, 2017 by


On Father's Day is when German men stroll around town with their Bollerwagen (see picture) and beer to celebrate this religious holiday.

Father’s Day, sometimes also called “Day of Sir’s” or “Day of Men” was placed on the Christian holiday of Father’s Day which in Germany happens 40 days after Easter, day of Christ’s ascension. Traditionally, men take a lot of alcohol and a little wagon that they pull behind them down the streets of their neighborhood, picking up other men, on this, their day, where they’re allowed to just let themselves go without too much judgement from the opposite sex.

So we’ve had a bunch of guys talk how they missed this tradition and they came up with the idea of implementing something similar at Oktoberfest. Our talented Wing Evans, who also made our Christmas huts, took his fairy dust and created our very first¬†“GTHS Bollerwagen”, see picture above. Now, to kick off Oktoberfest on October 14th, 2017, we will start at Schulze’s Biergarten and pull the Bollerwagen all the way to the German Society. The Bollerwagen will be accompanied by men in Lederhosen and most likely a bunch of German beer and great German drinking songs. If you want to join this “new” tradition, please wear the proper attire and stay tuned for a definite time for kick off.